How to Hire a Freelance Content Writer | Freelance SEO & Website Development

Need help with content on your website? Want to make certain that the content that is added has been optimized for search engine authority and indexing? Want to have confidence that the page will be found by Google based on its title tags, meta description and alt tags? All of these elements are critical to having your site gain authority with Google, and hopefully catapult it to Page One of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

For many businesses, such high-level writing and coding has not been attainable because they lack the budget to hire an SEO company to do this work since most SEO companies require a contract to perform these services. Many of them a long-term contract for at least 12 months.

Now, there are freelance writers available at, and It has never been easier to get quality freelance writing on short notice for pages or other services. The best part – you can get freelance content writing and website development for your site on a per page or per project basis. Now any type of SEO service is within the reach of any business, whether you own a small business, large business or qualify as an enterprise. Freelance writers. Freelance designers. Freelance website developers are all available on a per page or per project basis at, and

Upfront pricing is another convenience that comes from relying on freelance writers. It is easy to gauge what your cost will be as the price list for the most common SEO services that freelancers are requested to do are listed on the website. Conversely, you may post your project and what you are willing to pay on and, and they will provide you with a quote for their services.

Freelance Writer SEO Services

What SEO services can a freelance writer provide? Here is a short list:


Your website just cannot have opens gaps of space or minimal information. Freelance SEO writers can generate relevant and engaging content that gets your site to rank on Google. This is very common and can be ordered by page count, as well as just an update of a current page that is being rewritten to make sure that it has been optimized to its fullest for search engines. Be sure to ask the freelancer what research they will be using to guarantee that the page has been optimized based on competitive keyword research, and the page count of your nearest competitors. Content writers are entirely ineffective when they are unaware of specific expectations set before them.

Unlike other freelance writing websites, the search engine optimized pages at will feature this guarantee. Ask the individual responding to your ad at and if they have access to such keyword and word-count research. Understanding these crucial elements is imperative to your website’s functioning among search engines. It is vitally important to gain authority with Google, for example.


It is not enough to just write a magnificent and well-optimized page. The SEO content must be tagged for the search engines to find it and read it properly. This is where an IT freelancer specializing in SEO comes in. They are able to read the new content and enter the best researched tags onto the page of the site using their knowledge of source code that is buried in the “back end” of the website. Not only will your website development be bolstered, but the quality of the SEO content will be maximized.

Examples of these tags are title tags, meta tags, and alt tags. In addition, some pages should be optimized for Google’s new accelerated mobile pages technology, or AMP. IT freelance website developers are able to perform these tasks for you on a per page or per project basis. But, don’t just go hiring any freelancer. It would be wise to ask them to provide some pages that they have performed SEO on in the past. Doing so allows you to review their freelance writing capabilities and see how the pages are ranking on a Google SERP.


Now, all websites must have an SSL to avoid being shown as “not secure” on Google’s Chrome browser. You can hire an IT SEO professional to help you with this license which will validate your website’s ownership details and provide it some credibility. Since the Chrome browser now has 58% of the worldwide market, this is a must for any website, and, here again, the SSL, or secured socket layer, can be acquired for your website by an IT SEO professional at, or

We hope that a review of these SEO services that can be performed by a freelancer, and save you money on website development, has been helpful. As more and more advertising agencies and more and more foreign web developers flood the U.S. market with claims of expertise, it is wise to investigate whom you are hiring as a freelancer, and if their work is up to the standards necessary to gain authority with Google, the #1 search engine in the United States and the world. Then they may be able to provide you wait beneficial freelance content writing.