Cheap SEO Services

Your How Much Does SEO Cost?

A full understanding of how SEO works and what your options are is vital, make sure to read below in order to get fuller explanation on the cost of SEO. However according to sites like,, and of course here at, there is a general consensus on the price range for SEO:

SEO By the Page: $100 – $500
Freelance (Project-Based) SEO: $1,000 – $5,000
Retainer SEO Services: $750 – $5,000
Hourly Consulting Rate: $75 – $300

Cheap SEO Services

Mac laptop sitting on table with google openIn an ever-changing world, the internet becomes more and more important to marketers each day. An increasing number of consumers are shopping/finding businesses online, so it’s vital that your business shows up in the search results on Google when they are searching for products and/or services in your industry. With more businesses taking advantage of the internet, however, the competition has become fierce. That’s where SEO comes into play. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of “optimizing” your website so it shows up on the first page of Google when consumers search relevant keywords. For example, if you have a moving and storage business in Phoenix, Arizona, then you’ll want to be one of the first businesses on the page when someone searches “moving company in Phoenix.” Being on the first page on Google can get any business in any industry more quality sales leads.

Affordable SEO

Now that you have a basic understanding of what SEO is, the next step is using SEO to your business’ advantage. Many businesses, especially small businesses, however, usually do not invest in SEO services because they cannot pay the expensive monthly fee and cannot commit to a contract. That’s why we at are different. We do SEO services By The Page. This means that you choose exactly what you want done on your website – either a new page, optimizing and updating existing ones, etc. and then our experienced professionals complete it for you. There is no commitment, so if you only want one page done, we can do it. Additionally, you’ll most likely want an affordable price, but not compromise on quality. To put it simply, there is no reason to pay for SEO services at all if you’re not getting desired results. That is why we offer By The Page SEO services, so any business, no matter how small, is able to have quality SEO work done on their website. Here at, we offer unmatched By The Page affordable SEO services. Many SEO agencies will want a commitment—but we don’t. That is why we are one of the best SEO companies for small businesses. Here are just a few of the variety of services we offer:

  • SSL Certification for Chrome
  • Write and SEO Blog and Web Pages
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Schema Mark-up
  • AMP
  • Google My Business Page
  • Social Page

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Increase organic traffic to your site! Contact us today for your business’s SEO needs. 91% of Google searchers don’t go past page one, therefore, you need to be there. We offer cheap, low-cost SEO services, which is especially beneficial for small businesses. Additionally, By The Page SEO is useful for people who only want a few updates on their website, and don’t want to be stuck in an expensive contract. Maybe you already have a website, or maybe you don’t, but we can optimize and update your website, build you a new one, and do anything else you need. The great thing about our SEO services is that you can pick and choose whatever services best fit your needs, and have it done anytime, without a commitment. Our IT and Content professionals have years of marketing experience, so you can feel confident knowing you’re getting quality, affordable service. Let us show you why we’re the best SEO company out there. Give us a call today at (248) 637-4600 so we can get started on your premium Unbundled SEO plan.