Business SEO

What is Business SEO?

Have you ever heard of the term SEO or “search engine optimization”? This is the process of getting traffic on your website from the organic or natural search results on search engines like Google. If you have a web site, SEO services can help your business increase and meet the business objectives. Search engine optimization is crucial because, users trust search engines and being on the first page of a search engine such as Google for the keywords the user is searching increases the likelihood of your business being selected by the user. Being on the first page of Google for one keyword may not increase trust in your website, but if the user searches multiple different keywords and you pop up on the first page every time the chances of the user thinking of you as a creditable website are much higher.

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SEO Services

Are you a small business owner looking to get started with SEO? Countless companies that offer SEO services have SEO packages. Which means you choose from their most basic SEO packages to their premium SEO packages depending on the services you need for your business. Along with these SEO packages comes a contract and a monthly fee, which is why most small businesses remain reluctant to invest in SEO services. If you are a small business, you may want to look further into “unbundled SEO”. Unbundled SEO is affordable SEO. Unbundled means you pay only for what you want done. No package to choose from, no contract, and no monthly fees. You pay for what SEO services your small business can afford. Websites such as, offer by the page SEO services the most affordable SEO out there. So even the small businesses can get exceptional SEO results. Some other companies that offer SEO by the page include:,,, Most companies want a commitment. If you only need one-page optimized no worries, it can be done. If you just need a form added to a page, no problem. If you are having trouble with a broken link, it can be fixed. You can find numerous SEO Services perfect for your business which include:

  • SSL Certification for Chrome
  • Write and SEO New Web Page
  • Write and SEO Blog
  • Research & Update Title Tag
  • Research & Update Meta Description
  • Schema Mark-up
  • AMP
  • Create Google My Business Page
  • Create Social page

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Is SEO Important for My Business?

If you are thinking of investing in SEO services but are unsure if your small business needs SEO work. This research might guide you in the right direction, research shows 91% of searchers on Google do not search beyond page one which is why it’s of great importance to have some sort of SEO work done for your website. Traffic to your site requires being found on Google. Traffic and revenues go hand in hand. SEO services equal more traffic to your website. Although by itself, traffic is not going to make you any money. Think of it this way, if you were going to have a lemonade stand would you want to have one at a busy intersection or on a dead-end street? It’s true that the busy intersection isn’t going to sell lemonade by itself but the probability of customers buying lemonade will be much higher at a busy intersection as opposed to a dead-end street. SEO services are very helpful in aiding smaller businesses in getting noticed. So, the next time you ask yourself if you really need SEO services for your small business, the answer is yes, contact a website offering no contract, SEO services