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If you need just a page updated or tweaked for SEO purposes, it is now possible to just get SEO by the page. Will this be the best way to get your site ranked high on Google? No. Is it better than doing nothing? Yes.

Optimizing a website, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the jargon goes, is the “art” or “science” of performing a wide variety of actions to make your site just simply appear on Google or even start its journey toward Page One of Google where the sales all occur. I refer to it as an art or science because there is no black and white checklist, but rather a compendium of actions you can take in writing the site, designing the site, building the site and promoting the site.

Google, by design, does not disclose all of the thousands of criteria their computers take into account when deciding what sites are prioritized for each search, but independent research does indicate that having your site appear on Page One of Google wins you business. Since 91% of searchers to not search beyond Page One, having your site appear there is the whole ballgame.

Finding Cheap SEO Packages

SEO services are not low priced because the knowledge and talent to write and code them is scarce and therefore well paid. Since most SEO is sold on an annual basis and begins generally around $2000/month, some businesses are priced out of the service.

But now you will see that some companies are willing to provide their services for SEO on a per page, or a per project basis. This allows you to get what you need and hopefully get you closer to Page One of Google… and more sales. Besides the opportunity of getting your SEO unbundled or piecemeal from, you can also check out the following SEO agencies and the services they offer:

Some are totally unbundled. Some are month to month so you can get what you need in a month and then cancel if you like.

The important thing to remember is that your website IS your business. Getting it optimized, either by contract on an annual basis or through an unbundled SEO service, is of the utmost importance to the future of your business. Sales first require traffic to your site. Traffic to your site requires being found on Google. If your site is invisible on Google, don’t look to your website as an additional channel of revenue. It won’t be there.

Author: Bob Ottaway